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General Cruise FAQs

Why cruise?

Cruising is one of the most economical ways to vacation because for the most part all of your food, entertainment, and lodging are included in one low price. The only additional costs are on certain cruise lines should you choose to dine in an alternative dining restaurant. The main dining room as well as any buffets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included in your price.

How long are cruises?

Cruise lengths vary from 1 day to even a world cruise that takes a year but the most popular cruises are either 3-5 nights, 7 nights, or 10 nights.

Where can I go?

Cruises travel to numerous destinations including the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Hawaii, Canada New England, Asia, South America, Antarctica, Alaska, Africa, Greek Isles, and South Pacific

Are all ships fairly similar?

No. Some ships are more luxurious than others, some ships have more gourmet food, some ships have more variety of dining choices, some ships have more activities due to its size, some ships tend to cater more to families and children whereas some ships do not.

Do I need a passport?

We highly recommend that everyone have a passport. However, if you would like to determine whether it is mandatory for the destination you are traveling to, then it is your responsibility to check the current requirements on the following website:

Can we celebrate a special occasion?

We can help you plan for your special occasion. Call us to discuss as we have many different options available depending upon the particular cruise line that you choose to go on.

Can we stay in touch with the outside world?

Most ships have internet access avail for a fee as well as the ability to use your cell phone subject to additional fees. Please call us to get information pertaining to a particular cruise line.

What about tipping?

Tipping varies by cruise line but typically you should expect to pay about $12 – $15 per person per day to cover your cabin steward, waiter, and assistant waiter. In additional to the daily service charge, usually most cruise lines add 15 percent gratuity automatically to every drink purchase onboard.

What are the sleeping accommodations like?

Most cabins that accommodate two people are a queen bed that separates into two twin beds should you request them to be separated. Cabins that accommodate a third or fourth passenger typically either have beds that fold out from the ceiling a night which you climb up to using a ladder or there may be a pullout bed from a sofa in some cabins.

Is a balcony safe for a child?

Most cruise lines have a child safety lock for the balcony door. Please call us to confirm whether your cruise line and vessel has this amenity.

Does my window open?

Windows in ocean view staterooms that do not have a balcony do not open.

Will I be sea sick?

Technology has advanced that on newer cruise ships, most people do not get sick due to the size of the ship as well as the newer stabilizers that are put on board. If you do become ill, motion sickness medicine is available on the ship and usually works very rapidly.

What do I do if I miss the ship?

If you miss the ship then it is your responsibility to meet the ship at the next port of call at your own expense. If you purchased travel insurance then you may be covered for your expenses depending upon the situation.

What if I am sick and cannot go on my cruise?

The amount of cancellation penalty that you will be charged depends upon how close your cancellation date is to the date of the sailing. We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance so that in the event that you become ill prior or during your cruise then you will be covered. (Please see insurance policy for further details or call to discuss)

What currency is used on board?

Most ships are in dollars. However some may be in sterling or euros. All ships use major credit cards to open your onboard account. Everything that you charge onboard is settled on your credit card at the end of your trip. Should you not have a credit card some cruise lines will allow you to fund your onboard account with currency. You must use your ships credit card to settle all purchases as cash will not be accepted for purchases.

What does a guarantee cabin mean and when will I get a cabin number?

If you choose to purchase a guarantee cabin it means that you are guaranteed to get no worse than that particular cabin category however there a possibility that you could be assigned a higher category than what you purchased. Only choose this option if you do not mind where your cabin will be on this ship so long as you are guaranteed a particular category. For further explanation please contact us.

Are cruises good for kids?

With the exception of all of the high end luxury lines, cruises are an excellent choice for a vacation to bring kids on. Most cruise lines have extensive kids programs filled with supervision and fun activities so that you enjoy your vacation just as much as your kids do.

Are there any special educational programs on-board?

These vary by cruise line and sailing. If you have a particular area of special interest, then please call us to help you find the right cruise for you.

Are there different classes of service?

Cruise lines do not have different classes of service. Everyone is able to utilize all of the facilities on the ship. Additional amenities may vary based upon the type of accommodation that you choose. For example suites may have butler service. The only exception being that Cunard does assign restaurant dining rooms according to the category of cabin that you reserve.

What can I do in port?

You can plan excursions on your own, take an excursion through the ship, or purchase excursions through a third party company such as port promotions. Everything that you choose to do off of the ship while in port is at your own expense and not included in the price of the cruise.

When can I eat?

Food is generally available 24 hours a day. When the dining room is closed there usually is a buffet, a restaurant, or room service available. Some cruise lines have specific dining times for you to eat dinner while others allow you to eat whenever you would like during a set time frame.

Can I get a special diet?

Some cruise lines are able to cater to special diets. Please call us prior to making a reservation should you require a special diet.

Will I be forced to eat with other people at my table?

In the main dining room on most cruise lines you may be seated with other people. If you are unhappy with your table arrangement you will need to speak with the matre d’ to see if he or she can accommodate you. Some cruise lines offer the choice of choosing when you want to dine and with who you would like to dine with. If this is a concern please call us to discuss different options.

Are there non-smoking areas?

Most ships restrict smoking to a few designated places.

What is there to do at night?

The possibilities are endless. For example, you can listen to live music in one of the lounges, you can gamble in a casino (on most ships and cruise lines), you can attend a deck party on certain nights, or say a stage show such as a musical, magician, or comedian.

Is there a charge for entertainment?

Typically no. However, some cruise lines may charge for entertainment such as bowling, video arcade, or golf simulators. For the most part all entertainment is included in the price of your cruise.

Will I need formal attire?

Most cruise lines have a formal night that requires a suit and tie at a minimum on those nights. Tuxedos are never required. If you cruise is 7 nights or longer then you typically will have at least two formal nights. Should you not wish to dress up then there usually is a casual restaurant that you can eat in however you will not be able to eat in the main dining room with a coat and tie on formal night.

Are there medical services onboard?

Yes. There is always a doctor onboard and there is a fee to utilize the medical facility and/or doctor services.

Are there laundry services aboard the ship?

Yes for a fee that varies by cruise line.

Are there meeting rooms onboard?

Yes. In order to reserve a meeting room, you would need to have in most cases at least 8 cabins sailing and then we can reserve you meeting space ahead of your sailing so long as it is still available.

Are there any special discounts for having multiple cabins on the same sailing?

In order to get group pricing and special amenities, most cruise lines require you to sail with at least 8 cabins and a minimum of 16 people. There are some exceptions on particular cruise lines and sailings so if you have more than 4 cabins we definitely recommend that you call us to discuss potential group options.

General Service Questions

What payment cards do you accept?

Viva Voyage accepts the following credit cards:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Diners Club
  • Discover
  • American Express

Do I have to call back in or email to make my final payment?

As a courtesy, Viva Voyage will email you at your email address which we have on file to remind you that your final payment is due and to confirm method of payment. If you have questions about your final payment date, then it is your responsibility to call us at 866 408 8482 or email us at to clarify. In no case will Viva Voyage be responsible for reservations which are canceled as a result of a declined card. Viva Voyage is not responsible for any overdraft or bank charges that you incur as a result of us charging your credit card in accordance with the terms and conditions of this website. Additionally, Viva Voyage reserves the right to cancel your reservation at the close of business on the date that the final payment is due, if the reservation is not paid in full.

What if I need to make changes to my reservation?

Changes to your reservation may be possible depending upon when the reservation was made. However, changes may be subject to a fee from both the agency and the cruise line. For further information please email All change requests must be submitted in writing.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

All cancellations must be made by an email sent to We will advise you of any potential cancellation fees or penalties should you decide to cancel your reservation. As soon as you know that you need to cancel, you must call us immediately because penalties by the cruise line increase as it gets closer to the departure date. Reservations will not be considered cancelled until you receive an email back from customer service confirming that your reservation has been cancelled.

When will I receive my cruise tickets/documents?

Cruise lines typically release cruise tickets/documents 60 days prior to your sail date. Some cruise lines use hard documents whereas others use only electronic documents. As soon as your documents become available we will mail them to your address on file if they are hard documents and if they are electronic documents then we will email them to the email address used to make the reservation. Please make sure to update us with any information changes that occur after you make your reservation. You may call us at 866 408 8482 however, the fastest and easiest way is to email us at